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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Graduated and Work life..
wuah.. its been a long time not updating this blog.. hoho...
akhirnyaaa... i'm officially graduated.. ^^
setelah menempuh berbagai cobaan di inti.. haha..
i got P for WWN and CNP,D for software project and the rest is C..
dikit lg bwt mencapai Bachelor with Distinction.. huhu..
but it's enough for me lah...
yg penting lulus =)

skg g hrs menempuh hidup baru..
work life... fiuh...
ternyata work life tuh not as fun as school life..
but many things we can learn in work life..
and be independent girl.. hoho..

now i'm working in IT and Multimedia division..
mayan sih,i'm quite enjoying this position..
kl kata tmn2 g sih ni kerjaan "gue banged" hahaha..
emg g interest sm yg namanya Multimedia..
apalagi skg g lg belajar buat video..
mayan lah bekerja sambil belajar..
nothing to lose.. hehe...

ok deehh,mo lanjut kerja dolo...
lg di kantor neeh.. hehe... ^^
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